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What are the inorganic pigments commonly used in PE tarpaulin dyeing

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In order to improve the competitiveness of PE tarpaulin in the Linyi tarpaulin market, some manufacturers will dye it. Nowadays, the more commonly used pigments are inorganic pigments.

So, how many kinds of PE tarpaulins are commonly used?

  1. Blue pigments: mainly iron blue, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue and other varieties. Among them, ultramarine blue has a larger output, which is alkali-resistant and acid-resistant, bright and bright in color, and resistant to high temperatures. Iron blue is acid and alkali resistant, its hiding power and tinting power are higher than ultramarine blue, and its durability is worse than ultramarine blue.

  2. Green pigments: there are mainly two kinds of chrome oxide green and lead chrome green. Chrome oxide green has excellent light resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance, but its color is darker, and its tinting power and hiding power are poor. Lead chrome green is inferior to chrome oxide green in durability and heat resistance, but it has bright color, good dispersibility, and easy processing. Because it contains toxic heavy metals, since the introduction of organic pigments such as phthalocyanine green, the dosage has been gradually reduced.

  3. Yellow pigments: mainly lead chrome yellow (lead chromate), zinc chrome yellow (zinc chromate), cadmium yellow (cadmium sulfide) and iron yellow (hydrated iron oxide) and other varieties. Among them, lead chrome yellow is widely used and has a large output. Lead chrome yellow has strong hiding power, bright color and easy to disperse, but it is easy to darken under sunlight. The hiding power and tinting power of zinc chrome yellow are inferior to that of lead chrome yellow, but it is lighter in color and has good light resistance. Cadmium yellow has good heat resistance, light resistance, and bright color, but its tinting power and hiding power are not as good as lead chrome yellow, and its cost is high, so its application is limited.

  4. Red pigment: the red pigment in inorganic pigments is mainly iron oxide red. Iron oxide has various colors, from yellow to red, brown to black. Iron oxide red is a common iron oxide pigment. It has good hiding power and tinting power, chemical resistance, color retention, dispersibility, and low price.

  5. Black pigment: an important pigment second only to white pigment. The main variety is carbon black. The performance of carbon black for pigments is different from that for rubber processing. The main quality index of pigment carbon black is blackness and hue. Carbon black is an inorganic pigment colorant for plastics with the consumption second only to titanium dioxide.




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