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What are the characteristics of waterproof canvas?

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Waterproof canvas It is a material of canvas. It inherits most of the advantages of canvas. The most important feature of cotton canvas is that it has good waterproof performance. It is this that makes cotton canvas workable in labor insurance and clothing. And other industries have a wide range of applications. So what are its characteristics? So what are the characteristics of the popular waterproof canvas for everyone next?

one, Waterproof canvas-widely used

This waterproof canvas was originally used on sails, so it usually uses plain weave. The canvas produced by the tarpaulin factory can generally be divided into two types: coarse canvas and fine canvas. The thick canvas is very strong, and its waterproof performance is very good. It is mainly used for automobile transportation to cover it well. Canvas can generally be used to make clothes or shoes. There are also types of rubber canvas and fireproof canvas for consumers to choose.

Second, waterproof canvas-suitable for factory use

The high temperature resistant canvas produced by the tarpaulin factory is very used in factories with equipment such as factory buildings or electronics factories, and can be used in some shipyards or refrigeration equipment manufacturers. It also has very good acid and alkali resistance, so it can be used very well in chemical plants and has very good results.

Three, waterproof canvas-no air leakage

The density of the waterproof canvas is very good, so it has the characteristics of no air leakage, and it is very wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the anti-static ability and the pressure resistance are also very strong, and its cost performance is also very high, anti-vibration The ability is also very strong and has good toughness.




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