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What are the advantages of waterproof canvas

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Waterproof canvas has the properties of waterproof, mildew, cold, aging and anti-static, and its surface is treated with special treatment, which can play the role of anti-skid. It is an internationally popular environmentally friendly waterproof cloth, so next Linyi Shengde Plastic Co., Ltd. offers you the advantages of popular science waterproof canvas.

1. Waterproof canvas-wide application

The characteristics of waterproof canvas make cotton canvas widely used in various industries. It is different from other types of canvas. In addition to inheriting most of the advantages of traditional canvas, cotton canvas also has unique advantages that traditional canvas does not have. .

2. waterproof canvas-good waterproof

Waterproof canvas is a kind of canvas. It inherits most of the advantages of canvas. The main feature of cotton canvas is that it has good water resistance, so that cotton canvas can be widely used in labor insurance, clothing and other industries. Applications.

3. waterproof canvas-greater strength

The waterproof canvas is strong and light in texture, it can be used and stored conveniently. And because the cotton canvas has good waterproof performance, it will not gain weight after encountering water, and it is easier to dry.

4., waterproof canvas-open-air use

Waterproof canvas has strong heat resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, and it has strong flame resistance and corrosion resistance. It has good chemical properties and is suitable for outdoor use.




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