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What are the advantages of using temporary scaffold pe tarpaulin

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Below, Shengde Plastics will take stock of the advantages of temporary scaffold  pe tarpaulin!

temporary scaffold  pe tarpaulin--economical and flexible:

1. The vacant land in the factory can be fully utilized to meet the needs of temporary space anytime and anywhere;

2. Compared with traditional buildings, save 50% of construction costs;

3. Light-weight buildings adapt to various foundation environments, reduce the cost of foundation treatment, and the cost of above-ground buildings is as low as 200-400 yuan per square meter;

4. Reduce the initial investment, improve the efficiency of capital operation, and realize the light asset operation of the enterprise;

5. Lower maintenance cost and higher output value;

6. Ensure that it is reused many times and disassembled as you like. It is very convenient to transport and rebuild after disassembly, and there is almost no loss;

7. Effectively reduce the cost and time cost of transportation, storage, and secondary damage to the rented warehouse;




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