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What are the advantages of shade tarpaulin

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Many people know about tarpaulins, and they have been used in many places. So, do you know about shade tarpaulins?

In fact, the color of outdoor shade tarpaulin can be maintained for more than 3 years when used outdoors, and longer if it is indoors. First of all, the awning tarpaulin is made of 450D dyed polyester yarn through thickening and polite woven. At the same time, it also needs to be treated with waterproof UP coating and environmental protection. This type of awning tarpaulin can be used as its sunshade sail, awning, Fixed canopy, sun canopy and other outdoor use.

Due to the particularity of the selection of sun tarpaulins, it has the characteristics of bright colors, fashion, good corrosion resistance, and there are many kinds of shade tarpaulins, which can be purchased according to your own preferences.

The above is the main content of what advantages the sunshade tarpaulin has.




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