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What are the advantages of high-quality PVC tarpaulin?

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What are the advantages of high-quality PVC tarpaulin?

  A. The current relatively high-quality tarpaulin is made of propylene as the main raw material, and its performance is greatly improved. In daily life, it is widely used to build outdoor tents and carports.

  B. It has stronger puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and long service life.

  C, it can be recycled, and it is more environmentally friendly.

  D. On the basis of a good waterproof effect, it also has a good heat absorption function, and it can be covered whether it is rainy or sunny. If you stand under the tarp and feel that the sun will hit your eyes directly, it means that the sun and rain are not effective.

  E, high-quality tarpaulin has high latitude and longitude density, high toughness, smooth and soft appearance, and a comfortable touch when touched by hand.

  F, the more millimeter water per square centimeter can withstand, the better the quality.




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