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Understand the relevant knowledge of Fire Retardant Tarps

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Fire Retardant Tarps is familiar to everyone and can be seen everywhere. We usually see rainproof tarpaulin, car tarpaulin, etc. Today we will take a look at fireproof and waterproof tarpaulin.

Fire Retardant Tarps tarpaulin is made of fireproof and non-combustible fibers and processed by special technology. The main characteristics are non-flammable, high temperature resistance, sealing, non-irritation, corrosion resistance, softness and very convenient binding. The fireproof and waterproof tarpaulin can be well Protect objects from hot spots and spark zones, and completely prevent or isolate burning. Because the tarp itself has the function of heat insulation, it can delay the burning and explosion time of dangerous goods or precision instruments, so that there is time to be found and rescued. Fireproof tarps are used for the production, storage and storage of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and precision instruments. Safety protection for transportation. Waterproof tarpaulins are made of different materials, so they have different uses. Therefore, they must be purchased in a targeted manner.

Although the standards for transporting tarpaulins are relatively complicated, in order to reach the destination safely, tarpaulins should be transported in accordance with the standards.




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