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Tips for using tarpaulin elastic waist rope

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In the process of using the tarp, the use of elastic waist rope is a good supplement to the tarpaulin, because the tarpaulin only serves as a covering function, and the elastic waist rope is used to fix the tarpaulin and let The tarpaulin plays its role better. Next, tarpaulin manufacturers will introduce a few tips for using tarpaulin waist ropes:

The first is to check the reciprocating tensile fatigue performance of the elastic part. Generally, the elastic part is stretched and then restored to its original length to check the elasticity.

Then when installing, the thin ropes at both ends of the rubber rod are respectively extended from the braided rope, and the horseshoe buckle is integrated with the waist rope body, and the horseshoe buckle is not less than 5 buckles. The distance between one end of the elastic part and the end of the rope becomes 3 strands respectively, and there is no disconnection as a whole. The end of the rope is thermally bonded, and the end is not loose.

The essential equipment of the tarpaulin, elastic waist rope, is very simple to use as long as you understand its principle. The end rope and corner rope should be firmly inserted after passing through the eye socket. The butt joint of the hemming rope should be firmly inserted, and the butt joints should not exceed two. There are more than 5 buckles at all plug-in locations. The rope end is tightly wound five times with ramie thread or polyester thread, and then stitched with four stitches. The end of the rope end is thermally bonded and not loose.




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