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Tips for preventing discoloration of tarpaulin

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Tarpaulin products can be used in many industries, but we found that after using for a long time, the surface of plastic tarpaulin is prone to yellowing and discoloration, giving people a dirty and old feeling. How to prevent plastic tarpaulin from yellowing and discoloring, How about keeping it beautiful as new?

Nowadays, the use of tarpaulin is very common. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the common sense of plastic tarpaulin discoloration! Tarpaulin is a very common product, but it has a great influence in many ways. For those who need to use it, not only should pay attention to its selling price when buying, but more importantly, pay attention to its product quality. Because only high-quality products can really play its role.

In fact, we have many ways to solve the yellowing of the product. Improper maintenance of the white cloth is prone to discoloration after cleaning. Here is how to clean it. In normal use, try to avoid contact with difficult-to-clean items such as plastic tarpaulin and carbon ink. It can be placed in a suitable environment, which plays a very good role in extending the life of the product. We should work hard to ensure that we try to avoid contact with difficult-to-clean items such as white tarpaulin and carbon ink during normal use. You can use white paper to cover the surface of the waterproof plastic tarpaulin and tear it off after drying to prevent it from discoloring. The principle of this approach is the same as attaching a layer of paper to the surface of the shoes when we sun white canvas shoes. The same reason. After cleaning the plastic tarpaulin, apply toothpaste or powder made of white chalk on it, and apply it evenly, and then dry it to prevent discoloration.

This article mainly introduces the methods to prevent discoloration of tarpaulin, especially white canvas. I hope we can introduce you to help. Understand the style and application of a tent. It is welcomed by everyone to use all kinds of tents and tarpaulins. Welcome everyone to our company to buy suitable tarpaulins.




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