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Three kinds of manufacturing materials and properties of waterproof tarpaulin

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In today's era where all fields are very developed, waterproof tarpaulin is one of the most commonly used cargo waterproof tools. It can better protect our goods and property from loss. It is a port, dock, cargo yard and many other places Essential products. Now, the manufacturers of waterproof tarpaulins have knowledge of the three types of materials and properties of waterproof tarpaulins.

The three production materials of waterproof tarpaulin are PE tarpaulin, PVC fabric and rough canvas.

1. The raw material of PE tarpaulin generally refers to the color strip cloth, which is coated with PE film on both sides of the PE woven cloth, and is also useful for polypropylene woven cloth. The advantage is its light weight, clean and pollution-free.

2. PVC fabrics: The base fabric is woven with high-strength chemical fibers, namely polyester filament Oxford cloth. Polyester filament Oxford cloth is considered to be the most suitable tent fabric, regardless of its strength, density, weight and hardness. Satisfied, after the waterproof coating treatment, it can be sent to the sewing factory to make the finished tent for earthquake relief. Surface PVC coating treatment can also be used for flame retardant and antistatic treatment. High-strength fiber plays a role of wear resistance and tear resistance. PVC coating plays a role of waterproof and mildew protection, can protect goods well, is widely used, mainly used in automobiles ( Train) cover cloth, open-air cargo cover cloth, tent and tent fabric, etc.

3. Coarse canvas is also called tarpaulin. The fabric is strong and durable, and has good waterproof performance. It is used for the covering of automobile transportation and open warehouses and tents in the wild. It is the main material used in domestic car tarpaulins.

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