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There are two colors of PE tarpaulin, they are mainly made of surface coating process

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Canopy fabric must be familiar to everyone. It is often seen in our daily life. It is a product that plays an important role in life and has a wide range of uses. There are two basic methods of production, one is horizontal mechanical manufacturing, that is, the kind of large large cylinder, which is placed on the basis of the material, and then placed in the large cylinder.

There is also a vertical machine production, which is a mechanical manufacturing. The cloth is straightened into the feed box and pulled out. The glue material on the cover is a high-purity polyvinyl chloride material, then scraped with a knife, and then used Blade scrapes flat packaging. There are two kinds of drying equipment, one is electric burner and the other is boiler. The vertical machine has high requirements on raw materials, and there must be a certain distance from the purity of the raw materials. Usually the PVC canvas produced by the vertical machine is slightly more expensive, and the purity of the canvas product is also high.

The tent is suitable for picnics, outdoor activities, special ceilings for night markets, rain protection, covering buildings and equipment, etc., but the transportation requirements for tarpaulins are also very strict, and they have their own standards, as follows:

Dedicated line, dedicated line to unloading tarpaulin return: after unloading, the carrier will arrange (clean, fold) the tarpaulin according to the rules and send it to the station tarpaulin room according to the "truck tarpaulin handover form" filled out by the carrier. The consignee who returns the tarpaulin on the specified date shall check and collect the extension application fee of the tarpaulin according to the rules, and it will be calculated as one day if it is less than one day; if there is any abnormality, the carrier must unload the goods together with the carrier.

Color is also an important consideration when designing plush items. The color of the tarpaulin has an effect on the light and temperature in the tent, and the high-brightness tarpaulin has a higher light transmittance. At the same time, the heat transfer inside the tent will also be higher; low-light awnings may be less transparent, blocking some of the natural heat sources provided by the sun, affecting individual activities within the tent, especially in inclement weather.

Most people will choose their favorite color according to personal preference, but if you want to reduce the impact on the natural environment, low-brightness green and brown palladium are good choices. Aside from looking bright, colored tarpaulins have the advantage of being easy to find.

PE tarpaulins are available in two colors, and they are mainly made by surface coating process. Adding color masterbatch to polyethylene liquid can make it colorless, odorless and colorless.

If there is discoloration of the PE tarpaulin, it is very likely that you have purchased a fake or inferior PE tarpaulin. The fake is faked by PP polypropylene tarpaulin. The mechanical properties of polypropylene tarpaulin are not as good as that of PE tarpaulin. Many manufacturers have Use it to impersonate. Poor polyethylene tarpaulin refers to tarpaulins made of recyclable materials or inferior masterbatches, which generally have a strong plastic smell, are old in color, are cheap and easy to identify.

Everyone knows the backing, which is used to tie-dye hemp or cotton. This kind of tarpaulin is often used for heating, such as military tents, tarpaulins for new transport vehicles, tarpaulins for trains, etc. There are two kinds of base fabrics, one is PE thin tarpaulin, and the other is PE thick tarpaulin.

PE thin sunshade cloth is a kind of commonly used in agricultural mulching and thermal insulation. It has both waterproof and waterproof functions. The shed is heated under a layer of PE polyethylene and thick cotton wool felt, such as chicken farms, duck farms and many fruit and vegetable wholesale markets.




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