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The white tarpaulin does not change its color

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Although there are more than one color of tarpaulin, many people still choose white tarpaulin when they buy it. It’s just that the tarpaulin of this color is prone to discoloration if it is not properly maintained after cleaning. I want to tell you that After cleaning, you're done.

First of all, try to ensure that in normal use, try to avoid contact between white tarpaulin and carbon ink and other difficult-to-clean items. After cleaning, toothpaste or powder made of white chalk should be applied to it, and it should be even. Apply it and dry it to prevent discoloration. In addition to this method, you can also cover the tarp with white paper and tear it off after drying to prevent discoloration. Hope that people can understand its correct use and maintenance methods to extend the life of use.




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