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The waterproofness of the tarpaulin is important in summer

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The waterproofness of the tarpaulin is important in summer. Summer is a rainy season. Many times, the rain is unstoppable. When we cannot avoid rain, we can choose a plastic tarpaulin with better waterproof performance.

The waterproof performance of plastic tarpaulin determines that it can serve us normally in rainy days. Therefore, the waterproof performance of plastic tarpaulin is a big factor that consumers need to consider when buying. Plastic tarpaulin can shield us from wind and rain, but it is only pure after all. The tarp still needs our daily care and care to extend the use time of the tarp.

As long as we pay attention to the details, the plastic tarpaulin can serve us better. Pay attention to the choice of location when constructing the tent, and place it on a flat ground without falling rocks or slipping. Do not approach rivers and banks in the rainy season in summer, and try not to erect tarpaulins on open spaces that do not have too many shelters. They are easily damaged in windy weather or thunderstorms. Tarpaulin manufacturers have discovered a better combination of flame retardants due to their own hard research, which enhances the flame retardant properties of tarpaulins, which not only saves costs, but can also be applied to such environments and benefit consumers more. .

However, if you don't pay much attention to maintenance and scientific preservation, it will seriously affect the life of the car tarpaulin. Therefore, the car plastic tarpaulin must be stored in the hot summer.

1. Unfold the front of the tarp upwards, keep two ropes (type d is the angle rope), and bend the two sides of the length direction to the longitudinal center line of the tarp.

2. Divide the broken two sides into three equal parts, and connect them to the longitudinal centerline twice, and then fold the two sides of the tarp in the width direction into the transverse centerline of the tarp, and fold them twice in a row (type d is 3 Times) after becoming firm.

3. Tie it with the appointment rope, tie the cross on both sides, and tie the rope tightly, do not loose the rope. After folding, the trail coat of arms of the tarp and the number of the tarp must appear completely clearly.

The widespread use of automobile plastic tarpaulins protects goods and various materials from rainwater, bringing great convenience and benefits to users.




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