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The simplest repair method of tarpaulin

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The simplest repair method of tarpaulin

  For large trucks, it is necessary to have a suitable tarpaulin on it, especially drivers who often run south know that they were originally empty, but running, maybe the next moment is under rain, especially Chongqing, Wuhan In such a city, the tarpaulin must be covered if the goods need to be protected from rain.

  In the long-term use of the tarpaulin, you may encounter hard products or accidentally pull it, and you will encounter water leakage. If a large area is damaged, we can buy tarpaulin special glue to repair the tarpaulin; some The situation, the tarpaulin is only a little hole or can not be seen, just to divert water, after years of groping, I finally found a practical method of patching the tarpaulin.

Only need to prepare a toothpick, a cloth, a bottle of 502 glue, there is no need to use special tarpaulin glue.

Point the tarpaulin to the sun, insert the toothpick where the sunlight leaks in, then wipe the tarpaulin clean with a cloth, cut a small piece of new tarpaulin, first apply glue around the small eyes with 502, put the small Put the tarpaulin on the eye of the needle.

Remember not to use your hands, you know the consequences. You can use a pair of scissors to press for a while, and it's done. The glued needles will rarely be glued. Small holes are handled in this way, which is economical and easy to use.




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