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The relationship between rainproof cloth and Waterproof Covers !

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I believe that many people know or have heard of rainproof cloth and Waterproof Covers . These two types are often seen in industries such as industry. Many people call Tarpaulin Covers as rainproof cloth, and some people object to this name, because canvas It is canvas, and rain cloth is rain cloth. How can these two types be mixed together? In fact, the effect of canvas and rain cloth is almost the same. Relatively speaking, the effect of canvas is better. Of course, it depends on the material made. The relative price will also increase!

Is the rain cloth for the car or Waterproof Covers?

It is recommended to choose Waterproof Covers. Because the canvas has high tear strength, scratch resistance, folding resistance, and durability, it will not be damaged by wind when driving at high speed. In addition, we should also pay attention to whether the canvas has rainproof function to avoid the adverse effects of rain and snow on the goods being pulled. At present, there are two ways for canvas to achieve rainproof function: one is to apply fluorine water and oil repellent agent, and the other is to use coating. No matter what method is used, it has good rainproof effect and is the first choice. Furthermore, it is best to choose a canvas that is both rainproof and fireproof. The simpler way to distinguish is to ignite the canvas with a lighter. The canvas is burning. When the flame leaves the canvas, the canvas stops burning immediately. Relatively speaking, the price of this canvas will be higher, but it can avoid the occurrence of fire, which is essential to protect the safety of life and property.




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