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The performance of high quality poly tarp dye carbon black

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When making high quality poly tarp, plastic tarpaulin manufacturers use carbon black pigments to dye them. The main performance characteristics of this dye are:

 (1) Light stability: Light will aging plastics, especially the ultraviolet rays in sunlight will accelerate the aging of plastics. The use of organic UV absorbers and antioxidants can extend the life. However, pigment black is still considered a better UV stabilizer.

 (2) Dispersibility: The finer the pigment black, the more contact points between the carbon black aggregates, and the stronger the cohesion between them. When the pigment black is mixed into the material, the uniform distribution of the initial carbon black starts, then The work to be done for the dispersion is large to separate the carbon black particles to achieve higher blackness and coloring. Compared with high-structure carbon black, low-structure carbon black is more likely to reach a high concentration, but it requires greater dispersing power during the dispersion process.

 (3) Hue: The degree of light scattering of "carbon black particles" decreases as the particle size decreases. In addition to affecting the brightness enhancement effect, it also affects the color tone. The reasons are as follows:  When light can pass through a color whose main color is black When layered, short-wave blue light has a stronger scattering effect than long-wave red light. The finer the carbon black, the more pronounced this effect. The red light component has a small loss due to scattering, so it enters the colored layer more deeply.

 (4) Coloring strength: Coloring strength can be understood as the effect of offsetting the whitening ability of white pigments. The color strength also increases with the decrease of the particle size and structure of the primary particles.

 (5) Blackness: Blackness refers to the intensity of black appearance that carbon black has. When carbon black is used for coloring, the blackness is mainly based on the absorption of light. For a specific concentration of carbon black, the finer the carbon black, the higher the degree of light absorption. In addition to the light absorption inside the carbon black, the blackness is also affected by the light scattering with the brightening effect due to the geometric mechanism of the particle surface, which will reduce the blackness. As the particle size decreases, the degree of light scattering decreases. Only for very fine carbon black, increasing the concentration of carbon black can increase the blackness. For coarse carbon black, the degree of light scattering, which is the dominant factor, increases as the number of carbon black increases, but the blackness decreases accordingly.




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