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The maintenance of white car tarpaulin has another trick!

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Experts in the car tarpaulin industry said that white car tarpaulins are white, without adding other dyes, and look relatively clean, so they have become the choice of many car owners, but white ones can easily get stains, as long as they are normal. Do a good job of recuperation during use can guarantee its permanent and normal use.

The dust and oil stains on the appearance of the white car tarpaulin are washed regularly with clean water, if permitted, to prevent bacteria from multiplying and multiplying, causing damage to the surface material of the car tarpaulin, and keeping it clean. Normally, using the time of car tarpaulin to wax it regularly is to apply a layer of transparent solid wax to its appearance. This layer of wax can form a waterproof film to protect the car tarpaulin from rain corrosion and restraint. The reproduction of bacteria.

Experts in the automotive tarpaulin publication industry said that white car tarpaulins should not be exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, otherwise there will be a yellowing environment, which will affect its aesthetics and its waterproof function.




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