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The importance of color to the quality of PE tarpaulin

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There are many common types of PE tarpaulin in the wholesale market of plastic tarpaulin, and when buying, people often pay attention to its quality, not its color, but related professionals say that color affects its quality. It is also great. So, what impact does this have?

First of all, tarpaulin tie-dyeing mostly uses master batches for coating dyeing. Improper operation will cause tons of raw materials to be wasted and bring huge losses. This makes it even more difficult. Therefore, it can be said that the beautiful and clean color shows the strength of a tarpaulin factory and represents the quality of the products of a tarpaulin factory.

Secondly, the tie-dyeing of tarpaulin has a much higher degree of difficulty than that of cloth dyeing. Generally, small manufacturers cannot afford tie-dyeing production lines. This is also the main reason why tarpaulins have a single color. Tarpaulins are mostly made of PE polyethylene polymers, which cannot be tie-dyed like cotton and linen fabrics. It is more of a dip dyeing process, and a production line requires nearly 2 million. Therefore, the level of dyeing determines the quality of the tarp.




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