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The correct folding method of plastic tarpaulin

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I believe everyone is familiar with plastic tarpaulin products, and its application range is quite wide. It belongs to a kind of functional fabric. It has multiple functions such as waterproof, windproof, breathable and moisture permeability, so that it can meet various needs, then this product How to fold and store after use?

1. Spread out the front of the product flat, leave two side ropes, and fold the two sides in the length direction to the longitudinal center line of the tarpaulin.

2. Divide the folded sides into three equal parts, and fold them twice toward the center line.

3. Fold the two sides of the tarpaulin in the width direction to the transverse midline of the tarpaulin, and then fold them in half three times in a row to the middle and make it firm. The folded shape is about 1000mm×600mm×300mm.

4. Bundle with reserved ropes, tying cross on both sides, tighten the tying tightly, and the rope head should be plugged, and the rope should not be loosened and the rope buckle should not fall off, and it should not be dragged.

The above is about the correct folding method of tarpaulin products, please order if necessary.




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