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Tarpaulin protects against ultraviolet rays

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The tarpaulin is coated with silver material to prevent ultraviolet rays. It is mainly used for leisure beach tents, shade tents, advertising tents, etc. Some ultralight tents are very popular now. Different from the previous waterproof nylon and polyurethane coated polyester fabric principle, it uses silicon (silicone resin) technology, which is much lighter. But the price will be much more expensive. Tarpaulin is usually divided into two categories: coarse tarpaulin and fine tarpaulin. Coarse tarpaulin is also called tarpaulin. The fabric is strong and resistant to folding and has good waterproof performance. It is used for automobile transportation and open-air warehouse cover and tents in the field. Fine tarpaulin warp and weft yarns are used to make, labor protection clothing and its supplies.

Tarpaulin material, it usually has two functions, insulation and moisture permeability and mosquito prevention. It usually also uses polyester Daifuku, which has good air permeability. And it has a certain heat preservation ability. If you only need to prevent mosquitoes, then gauze is enough for processing. In this case, it is better to use high-density gauze. If it is a four season account or mountain account, then there is no doubt that all internal accounts are kept warm by polyester Taffs. If it is a tent or an account in the summer, it is almost all gauze for heat dissipation and ventilation.




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