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Tarpaulin manufacturers explain the problem of shrinkage

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Tarpaulin manufacturers are here to share the methods and precautions to reduce the shrinkage rate of tarpaulins. I hope everyone will give pointers.

1.Minimize the tension during the refining and bleaching process to make the fabric stronger and tighter.

2. During the dyeing and finishing process, the tarpaulin fabric should be spread out as much as possible during the drying process to prevent the door width from being too narrow. If the opening and continuous drying machine is opened, a small volume should be installed after the opening. The cloth box is then inserted into the cloth rack to prevent excessive tension between the opening width and the rolling water.

3. In the mercerizing process, it is necessary to master the expansion tension to maintain the width of the Pakistani fabric to control the weft tension stably.

4. It is necessary to manually control the tension of some machine activities. Standardize technical control, enhance technical control, enhance machine washing, reduce working tension and effectively reduce the shrinkage rate of the fabric.

5. Mercerized products should be strictly controlled for the tension in the subsequent processing process. Because the mercerized and then elongated warp shrinkage rate, the semi-finished product width policy can be formulated in each process in each process. The cloth is removed for measurement and assessment, and the subsequent inspections must be carried out on the previous process to ensure the width of the semi-finished product.




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