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Tarp Repair Tape

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Tarp Repair Tape

Mend rips, reinforce stress points, and prevent new rips from developing in your Tarps and Covers with Tarp Repair Tape. Made with strong adhesive glue for lasting durability, these rolls of tape can be used for many materials including poly, canvas, and vinyl. Plus, they are available in many different colors to match whatever material you’re working with. Use to connect two pieces of tarp together, patch up rips, and more.

This tarp repair tape is an incredibly versatile tool that goes beyond tarp repair. It’s also ideal for use in homes, cabins, construction sites, agriculture, and boating. The tape can withstand all conditions, as the adhesive surface is resistant to water, acids, moisture, oil, chemicals abrasions, and UV damage. Stock up on high strength poly tarp tape available in a bulk order of 15 rolls per case or choose the single clear tape repair roll. The poly tarp tape is ideal for those polyethylene projects that include tarps, covers, tents, awnings, hay covers, shelters, and silage bags.




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