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Six tips for cleaning tarpaulin correctly

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Nowadays, many companies choose to use tarpaulin to build the venue for their activities. At the beginning, they used basically white tarpaulins and clean tent brackets, but after long-term use, the tarpaulins will become black and dirty, and the effect of installation is all It's a mess, especially some professional food festival bosses. The tarpaulins and brackets are greasy, and it is very troublesome to install and disassemble. Then the tarp manufacturer below will tell you how to clean the tarp correctly.

1. You can choose a floor scrubber, which is the kind of rotatable mopping machine used by cleaners in large venues such as shopping malls or hospitals. With a professional cleaner, it can help you remove stubborn stains on the tarp.

2. If the area of the tarp is small, you can find a mop, a bucket, and put some detergent to tidy it up.

3. If the area of the tarp is very large in a large-scale place, it is recommended to buy professional cleaning equipment, which can improve work efficiency and speed up the frequency of use of the tarp. It can also save a lot of time.

4. If double-sided tape or fragile paper is pasted on the tarp, it can be removed with a tar remover. If there is heavy dirt, use the clean and bright cleaner to clean it.

5. When cleaning, place a carpet under the tarp or make a waste spray canvas, otherwise the sand on the ground will leave a deep mark on the tarp under the action of pressure, and even penetrate it seriously.

6. The cleaned tarpaulin should be dried naturally or air-dried before being folded and stored, and placed according to the specifications or packaged for marking for the next installation and use.




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