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Six points to be noted when adding antioxidants when making PE tarpaulins

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Among them, plastic tarpaulins are the main ones. The more common one should be PE tarpaulins. Generally, when this kind of tarpaulin is made, some antioxidants will be added to enhance its use effect. However, when adding antioxidants At this time, there are six points that need to be noted:

1. Synergists of metal co-oxidants and antioxidants: transition element metals, especially those with trivalent or multivalent transition metals (Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni) with suitable redox potentials are very strong The role of promoting fat oxidation is called co-oxidants.

  2. Dissolution and dispersion: The solubility of antioxidants in oil affects the antioxidant effect. For example, water-soluble ascorbic acid can be used in the form of palmitate for the antioxidant of oils. Oil-soluble antioxidants are often incorporated into fats or fat-containing foods using solvent carriers. These solvents are propylene glycol or a mixture of propylene glycol and glycerol monooleate.

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  3. Synergistic effect of antioxidants: When two or more antioxidants are used in combination, the antioxidant effect is often greater than the sum of single use. This phenomenon is called the synergy of antioxidants. It is generally believed that this is because different antioxidants can terminate the chain reaction of oil oxidation at different stages. Another kind of synergy is that the main antioxidant is used in combination with other antioxidants and metal ion chelating agents.

  4. Appropriate amount of use: Unlike preservatives, the amount of antioxidant added and the antioxidant effect are not always positively correlated. When it exceeds a certain concentration, it will not only enhance the antioxidant effect, but also have the effect of promoting oxidation.

  5. Timing of addition: It can be seen from the mechanism of action of antioxidants that antioxidants can only hinder lipid oxidation and delay the time when food begins to deteriorate, but cannot change the consequences of deterioration, so antioxidants should be added as soon as possible. It has been reported that it is more effective to add antioxidants during the boiling process.

  6. Avoid the influence of light, heat and oxygen: When using antioxidants, pay attention to the factors that promote the oxidation of fat, such as light, especially ultraviolet light, which can easily cause the oxidation of fat. Packaging materials that avoid light can be used, such as Aluminum composite plastic packaging bags to store fatty foods.

It is necessary to pay attention to these matters when adding antioxidants when making PE tarpaulins




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