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Properties of low-density polyethylene as raw material for polyethylene tarpaulin

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The main production material of polyethylene tarpaulin is polyethylene. However, there are many types of polyethylene, and low-density polyethylene is the more commonly used one. Generally speaking, the main performance characteristics of the use of this polyethylene are as follows several:

  1) The melting point is 110~115℃, and the processing temperature is 150~210℃. If it is in an inert gas, the temperature can reach 300℃ and still be stable. But the melt and oxygen are prone to degradation.

  2) Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays and heat will cause aging, which will affect its physical and dielectric properties.

  3) The grease resistance is poor, and the product can be slowly swelled. When packaging oily foods, the food will have a hala taste after long storage.

  4) It has greater air permeability, so when it is used as a food packaging that is easy to oxidize, the storage period of its contents should not be too long.

  5) Good moisture resistance, stable chemical properties, and insoluble in common solvents.

  6) Cold resistance, low temperature resistance and higher temperature resistance. The thicker film can withstand the sterilization process of 90℃ hot water soaking.

  7) The film is slightly milky white and transparent, soft. The strength is lower than that of high-density polyethylene, and the impact strength is greater than that of high-density polyethylene.




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