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Precautions for using waterproof tarpaulin

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Waterproof tarpaulin can help us cope with rain and snow, and make people feel that it is very useful, but do you know its purpose and some characteristics? Take a look at our introduction to you.

Use of waterproof tarpaulin:

1. Freight tarpaulins for cars, trains and ships can be used.

2. It can be used to cover the stacks of the open-air warehouse of the station, wharf, seaport and airport.

3. It can be used to build temporary granaries and cover all kinds of crops in the open air.

4. It can be used as materials for building temporary work sheds and temporary warehouses on various construction sites such as construction sites and electric power construction sites.

5. It can be processed into the outer sheath of camping tents and various machinery and equipment.

Features of waterproof tarpaulin and points of attention:

1. It has the functions of waterproof and mildew, and has the characteristics of light material, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, easy washing and folding, etc.

2. The product should avoid hitting with sharp metal quick mouths during use.

3. Product quality assurance and after-sales service for users.




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