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Points to note when buying waterproof tarpaulin

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There are many types of tarpaulins produced by Shengde tarpaulin manufacturers. Waterproof tarpaulin is one of them. However, the quality of this tarpaulin is also uneven. Therefore, when purchasing, the following points are needed Note:

   1. Look at the degree of wear:

   Excellent: A good waterproof tarpaulin is very careful in the material ratio, and the degree of wear is small. After rubbing on the general ground or other hard objects, it can also have a waterproof effect.

   Lack: Improper proportion of materials, such as too much calcium powder, low tension, easy to break, poor wear performance, damage will occur when rubbed on the ground, and it cannot be used normally.

   2. Look at the appearance:

   Excellent: A good waterproof tarpaulin has good color and is very bright.

   Poor: No gloss or very dull gloss.




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