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Performance characteristics of PE waterproof tarpaulin and color stripe cloth

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1. PE waterproof tarpaulin is a kind of three-proof cloth, which is made of a brand new material (polyethylene). It uses double-sided film during production, which is more waterproof and durable; it is often used to cover products in the open air, and it is better than color striped cloth. Longer life, more foldable and wear-resistant, bright colors, generally blue-orange, blue-white, blue-silver, double blue, etc. The service life of PE tarpaulin is about 2 years. PE tarpaulin can be processed into different sizes according to customer specifications, such as: 10 meters * 20 meters, 20 meters * 30 meters, 20 meters * 50 meters, etc., in general paper factories, Terminals, coal plants, and power plants will choose to use PE tarpaulins, which are waterproof, durable, light and easy to use.

2. Color stripe cloth is a kind of plastic three-proof cloth. Generally, polypropylene material is used to produce color stripe cloth. The popular name is also called: old material color striped cloth (polypropylene). The color is slightly dim, and the flexibility is poor, but it is cost-effective and suitable for temporary use. The use time is short, usually about 2-6 months. There are many colors of colored striped cloth, generally divided into double-colored striped cloth and multi-colored striped cloth. Most of the two-color strips are composed of one color and white, such as purple White, blue and white striped cloth, red, white and blue striped cloth, etc. The size of the color stripe cloth is fixed, customers can only buy according to fixed size, not customized according to size, general sizes are: 4*50 meters, 6*30 meters, 8*20 meters, 10*20 meters.




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