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Performance Of PE Tarpaulin

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How is the performance of pe tarpaulin? Tent, tarpaulin products can be protected from rain, heat, cold, etc., plastic tarpaulin, waterproof tarpaulin, Linyi tarpaulin factory, Linyi tarpaulin processing factory Shengde plastic tarpaulin. Therefore, such products are required to have certain performance.

(A) the basic performance requirements from a variety of purposes tarp tarpaulin consideration, the general requirements to be met are:

(1) Light weight, easy to fold, easy handling operation;

(2) high strength, wear resistance, long life;

(3) Good waterproof and breathable performance, the back side of the anti-condensate;

(4) acid, mildew, corrosion;

(5) good weatherability properties, flame retardant, fire;

(6) No wicking effect, wicking phenomenon does not occur.




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