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PE waterproof tarpaulin scratches and waterproof treatment methods

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PE waterproof tarpaulin can be used as freight tarpaulin for trains, cars, ships, etc., especially in bad weather, it has the function of sheltering the wind and rain. However, according to relevant persons of the PVC three-proof cloth manufacturer, this tarpaulin The methods of scratching and waterproofing are mainly:

  1. Organic silicon water repellent treatment method: It has good waterproof effect, good hand feeling, long service life, good air permeability, and good weather adaptability. It is currently an advanced treatment method. There is also a quaternary ammonium water-repellent treatment method, which has a relatively good waterproof effect.

  2. Lacquer wax waterproof treatment method: PE tarpaulin processed by this method has good waterproof effect and long service life. It is a method widely used now, followed by aluminum soap waterproof method, which has a good Waterproof, but not lasting.

  3. If it is scratched by sharp objects and the length of the cut is less than one meter, it can be repaired with a double quilting sewing machine, so that the repair effect is good and does not affect the waterproof effect. If possible, local heat sealing can be performed, so that the PE canopy The cloth repair is the same as before, and the next method is to use tape or manually repair. When the gap is more than one meter, you can consider cutting the tarpaulin for use. If you have to repair it, generally use tarpaulin glue for pasting, use the same kind of tarp, wash and dry, and use the tarp Glue paste, similar to tire repair process.




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