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Modification Technology And Ratio Of PE Tarpaulin Material

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(1) In order to increase the affinity between inorganic and organic polymer, the filler must be coupled. Coupling agent is an organic compound which can enhance the affinity between inorganic fillers and organic polymers. Through the chemical reaction or physical coating of inorganic filler, the surface of the filler changes from hydrophilicity to oil affinity, so as to achieve the close combination with the polymer and improve and improve the properties of the plastic products. Among many coupling agents, silicone coupling agent is one of the earliest and most widely used research and development.

The modification of the super high molecular weight polyethylene fillers is to add each kind of filler to the super molecular pier polyethylene powder after coupling with the coupling agent, and then add 0.5% antioxidants to be stirred and even used.

(2) the process of coupling treatment of the modified process is: first, the coupling agent is diluted with the coupling agent in proportion to the ratio (quality) of the coupling agent and alcohol 1:4 (quality), then the coupling agent is sprayed on the side of the filler to spray the diluted coupling agent on it until the spraying is uniform and humid, and the proportion of the general coupling agent is 0.5%-1% (according to the filler. The shape and size of the filler are more flexible, and the larger the surface area of the filler is, the higher the proportion. After the coupling agent is treated by air drying, the mixture is mixed with the ultra high molecular weight turtle polyethylene at the required ratio.

(3) it is reported that the property of wear resistance and impact strength decreases as the proportion of filler is too high, which is due to the weak affinity of the filler and the super quotient molecular polyethylene, which can not be well combined, which destroys the properties of the original material of the ultra-high molecular weight polyene and the connection of the matrix. Continuity. Therefore, the proportion of filler added in this study is generally not more than 25% (mass ratio). In order to understand the effect of packing proportion on the different properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and to provide basis for the development and application of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene in mine, 5 kinds of filler is selected for each kind of filler. The specific quality is as follows: the mass ratio is 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%. It is definite).




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