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Method for removing mildew from tarpaulin

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If the plastic tarpaulin is stored for too long, mildew will sometimes appear on the surface, which is unsightly and affects the service life of the plastic tarpaulin. Today, the editor of Linyi Shengde Plastic Co.,Ltd will introduce how to remove the mildew on the tarpaulin Methods.

The method of removing mildew on the plastic tarpaulin is very simple. Mix a cup of salt, a cup of lemon juice and a gallon of hot water. Gradually rub the solution to the side of the visible mildew. After drying, you will find that it is clean. effect.

Due to incorrect storage methods or other factors, the tarpaulin often becomes moldy. Preventing problems before they happen is a good solution, usually pay attention to the storage method of the plastic tarpaulin, which can effectively prevent mold spots on the plastic tarpaulin.

Colleagues, after using for a long time, the surface of the tarpaulin is easy to turn yellow and discolor, giving people a dirty and old feeling. How to prevent the yellow and discoloration of the plastic tarpaulin to keep it as bright as new?

In fact, we have many methods to solve the yellowing of the product. First, we can use white paper to cover the surface of the waterproof plastic tarpaulin, and tear it off after drying, so as to prevent it from discoloring. The principle of this approach is the same as ours. When drying white canvas shoes, a layer of paper is attached to the surface of the shoes for the same reason. After cleaning the plastic tarpaulin, apply toothpaste or powder made of white chalk on it, and apply it evenly, and then dry it to prevent discoloration.

In normal use, try to avoid contact with difficult-to-clean items such as plastic tarpaulin and carbon ink. It can be placed in a suitable environment, which plays a very good role in extending the life of the product.




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