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Linyi tarpaulin manufacturer tells the key points of tarpaulin rope replacement

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Professionals from Linyi tarpaulin manufacturers say that although plastic tarpaulins are of better quality and more durable, the ropes used with them will wear out due to long-term use, so they need to be replaced. However, when replacing, there are a few key points that need to be known:

   1. When the rope has broken strands, is severely worn or the length is insufficient, the rope should be replaced.

   2. When changing the waist rope, the waist rope should be connected with the tarp through the eye ring and the rope cloth. After passing one end of the waist rope through the eye socket, the rope head goes back again, passing between the waist rope and the tarp, and tying a slip knot; after the other end passes through the eye socket, tying a dead knot back. The slip knots and dead knots of the adjacent two waist ropes are staggered; the elastic rod coats twisted together are manually loosened to make it into a natural relaxed state.

   3. The end ropes and corner ropes should be firmly inserted after passing through the eye sockets, and the butt joints of the hemming ropes should be firmly inserted, and the buckles at all the joints shall be no less than 8 buckles. Pass the pressure rope through the eye socket and rope cloth, and tie a knot outside the eye socket.




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