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Linyi Tarpaulin For Ship Cover industrial use

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Linyi Tarpaulin For Ship Cover Waterproof Tarpaulin Waterproof Canvas (refers to pvc coated waterproof canvas) is composed of base fabric polyester fiber woven fabric, PVC slurry coating, and high temperature plasticization molding. It has high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, hard to burn, high air tightness, high wear resistance, and is more suitable for use in industrial and mining enterprises: it is widely used in Tarpaulin For Ship Cover, waterproof tarpaulins, tarpaulins, tarpaulin covers, and the market Shipyards, refrigeration equipment plants, power plants, mines.

Conventional sizes are: 2m*3m, 3m*4m, 4m*5m, 5m*6m, 6m*8m, 8m*8m, 8m*10m, 8m*12 Meters, 10 meters * 10 meters, 10 meters * 12 meters, 10 meters * 14 meters and so on. The length and width of conventional tarpaulins are allowed to have an error of about 20 cm. The error is caused by the double-folding around and the elasticity of the fabric.




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