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Linyi Shengde Plastic Shade Peng Tarpaulin Manufacturer

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We specialize in producing awning tarpaulins, pE tarpaulins, pe tarpaulin roll manufacturers, garden tarpaulins. Design and production. Install one-stop service! Different places of use have different requirements on the size, and the size is customized according to the actual needs of customers. Shipping time is 3-7 days, please consult customer service for details. Different specifications and sizes, different regions, and different fees are issued. All products of the company are shipped in a unified logistics, which needs to be picked up at the local logistics park. If you need home delivery, you can negotiate with the logistics station. The product is calculated according to the unfolded area of the top cloth, and no surrounding cloth is included, and the surrounding cloth is calculated separately. [Scope of application] Factory inventory, construction on site, food stalls, car washing plant, repair shop, logistics shed, outdoor parking lot, etc.





PE Tarpaulin Roll


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