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Is it better to choose PE tarpaulin for waterproof tarpaulin or PVC coated cloth?

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In order to meet the development needs of various industries, various waterproof and rainproof "artifacts" have appeared on the market, including waterproof canvas and waterproof tarpaulin.

At present, PE tarpaulin and PVC coated cloth are more commonly used in waterproof tarpaulin. According to professionals from Linyi Shengde Plastics, PE tarpaulin is a bit more cost-effective and cheaper, but PVC coated cloth is of good quality and slightly more expensive. Now PE tarpaulin is widely used, widely used in docks, ships, vehicles, temporary warehouses, building residences, etc. The reason why tarpaulins are so widely used is mainly because the tarpaulins have good air permeability, corrosion resistance and waterproofness. Although the tarpaulin has many advantages, users must pay attention to the following points when buying PE tarpaulin.

First of all, when buying PE tarpaulin, you can smell the PE tarpaulin for any special smell. Secondly, users should pay attention to the size and material of PE tarpaulin when purchasing PE tarpaulin. Third, in the process of purchasing PE tarpaulin, pay special attention to the waterproofness of PE tarpaulin. The above points of attention are the conclusions drawn by Linyi Shengde Plastics sales for more than ten years, and I hope to provide beneficial help for the majority of users.

And if everyone chooses PVC coated cloth, then the professionals of Linyi Shengde Plastics say that PVC coated cloth has a 100% waterproof effect. Due to its good performance and high cost performance, waterproof canvas made of plastic-coated cloth is now widely used by major cargo ships, famous ports and docks to cover cargo. The PVC coated cloth of Jigao Canvas has the properties of waterproof, mildew, cold resistance, aging resistance, anti-static, etc.; and the breaking strength, tear elongation, and tear strength of this product are much better than traditional thatch cloth; the surface is specially treated. Anti-slip effect, it is an internationally popular environmentally friendly waterproof cloth. It can be customized according to the customer's length and width, and the width is extra large. When processing the finished product, it can reduce the seam and improve the quality. It can be heat-sealed and spliced to avoid the worry of sewing needle hole leakage. Products with different functions, colors, and thicknesses can be customized according to user needs.




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