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Introduction of poly tarpaulin

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Our collection of poly tarpaulins has always made us unique. Tarps Plus™ blue polyester tarpaulins are of high quality, but they are the most affordable on the market. Our silver tarps, white tarps and silver/black combination tarps are all UV treated. The tarpaulin plus poly tarpaulin has strong and sealed poly coating on both sides of the tarpaulin. Our heavy-duty polyethylene tarpaulin is made of high-quality resin and built-in grommets along the perimeter of the tarpaulin. Due to its strong polyethylene coating, Tarps Plus' poly tarpaulin is 100% waterproof. The polyethylene structure makes the tarpaulin resistant to mildew, tearing and acid. Unlike canvas tarps, polyethylene tarps have the flexibility of the Arctic, so they can withstand freezing temperatures without hardening.




PE Tarpaulin Roll


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