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Introduction of materials used in car tarpaulins

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The rare ones we see are car tarpaulins made of PE tarpaulin cloth, PVC coated cloth, PVC coated cloth, and PVC knife cloth.The structure of different types of car tarpaulins depends on the material of the tarpaulin. The tarpaulins of different materials can be divided into PE tarpaulin and PVC tarpaulin. Their tarpaulin structure, tarpaulin structure and tarpaulin materials used are also different.

Then PE tarpaulin is the red, white and blue colored stripe cloth or PE South Korean cloth that you see every day. It can be customized in various colors, such as blue, green, black, and transparent. PE tarpaulin is drawn by PE raw materials through equipment. Then it is woven by warp and weft. When the customer needs PE tarpaulin of different colors, the corresponding color film will be stopped on both sides. The characteristics of PE car tarpaulin are light and waterproof, but not anti-aging. It is not fixed when used in various Flatbed trucks (drags) in carriages, PE car tarpaulins for this type of car, the main thing is that the PE cloth is light and easy to load and unload




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