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How to repair the damaged tarp?

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The number of plastic tarpaulins in the wholesale market is gradually increasing. However, sometimes we find that the plastic tarpaulins bought in the wholesale market will leak. Why? In this regard, relevant specific individuals analyzed that there are two main reasons for this phenomenon, namely:

1. Generally speaking, the rain leakage of plastic tarpaulin is usually caused by loose stitches, accidentally broken hooks or pierced holes. If the stitches are leaking, you can use glue to remedy them. Usually , At this time, just apply the specific glue to the seam.

2. But if it is broken, it will be a little troublesome. If the tarp is a new tarp that has not been bought for a long time, then it is sufficient to use a hot air gun and glue to bond; however, if it is an old tarp, the heat and glue are both useless, only glue and Sewed.

When repairing plastic tarpaulins, adhesives are usually used. However, when applying this type of adhesive, there are several points that cannot be ignored:

(1) For solvent-based products, after gluing, let them cool until they are not sticky, and then glue them.

(2) One-component solvent-based or water-based formulations must be stirred evenly during use. In order to increase the strength, try to leave it for 24 hours after bonding.

(3) If you want high strength and fast curing, you can heat it according to the situation. When applying the glue, it should not be too thick. Generally 0.5mm is better. The thicker the bonding effect, the worse, and when bonding objects, try to apply pressure or Fix with clamps.

(4) When the adhesive is used, it must be prepared and used immediately, and it must not be left for too long. If it is fast curing, generally it should not be longer than 2 minutes.

(5) In order to achieve high bonding strength, the adherend should be polished as much as possible. The quality of the bonding joint design determines the bonding strength.

(6) The adherend must be cleaned without moisture (except for underwater curing glue).

(7) For the adhesive of the AB component, please follow the instructions in the specification when mixing the adhesive, and it must be fully stirred before use. Do not leave seams, otherwise it will not solidify.

Have you learned how to repair the damaged tarpaulin?




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