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How to prevent the tarpaulin from discoloring

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If the white tarpaulin is cleaned and maintained improperly, it will change color. In fact, when using the tarp, try to avoid contact between the tarp and carbon ink and other items that are difficult to clean. After cleaning, apply toothpaste or use white The chalk powder can be evenly applied and dried to prevent discoloration. You can also cover the tarpaulin with another white paper after drying to prevent discoloration. We should pay attention to the discoloration of the tarpaulin to ensure that the tarpaulin is more durable. , I hope everyone can pay attention.

Tarpaulin glue is generally used to repair holes and small-scale torn tarpaulins. In previous years, wax knitting was used to repair, which was not only expensive, but also slow. Now with adhesives, tarpaulin repair is much easier. The specific methods are as follows. Of course, if it is a leaky type of damage, you can cut out two pieces slightly larger in advance. The patchy fabric for loopholes can be cut to round off the corners. The outside of the tarp should be patched up first, and the affixed fabric should be on the outside without PU coating, which is more wear-resistant. Spread the glue evenly, especially on the edge of the circle, apply it well, and then paste it on. If you are not worried, you can apply another coat on the seam, which is foolproof. Then repair the other side in the same way. In addition to the above methods, we can also learn from the method of repairing tires. Use a file to cut the cut tarp around 2cm from the edge, and rub it slightly to facilitate the tarp. Glue sticks together better.

Another point is that the tarpaulin will have a moldy smell after a long time. Friends who use tarp should know that when it rains, we take the tarp out, and when the rain stops, we put the tarp off again. Put it away, so that the tarp will have a moldy smell when it goes back and forth. When removing it, we need to know the reason for the moldy smell. The mold will grow and multiply in a humid environment, so for To prevent it from growing in a humid environment, we can support it and wipe it clean with warm soapy water and a sponge. Put hot water and detergent on the sponge and slowly wipe the tarp clean. The obvious way to remove mold is to mix a cup of salt water, a cup of lemon juice and a cup of gallons of water, and rub the mixed solution until it reaches the mold spots, there will be unexpected results after drying.




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