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How to prevent discoloration of PE tarpaulin

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How to prevent the discoloration of the PE tarpaulin? To deal with those white cloths that are not properly maintained after being cleaned, the discoloration will appear. It actually uses the time of the PE tarpaulin to control only the difficult-to-clean items such as tarpaulin and carbon ink. After cleaning, apply toothpaste or evenly spread with white chalk powder to prevent discoloration. You can also use other white paper after drying to prevent discoloration. We can deal with PE tarpaulin. Discoloration performance should be paid attention to as usual. This can also ensure that the PE tarpaulin will be more durable. I hope everyone can pay attention to it.

As the tarpaulin is a thing that shelters the wind and rain, it will have a moldy taste after a long time. Friends who use the tarp should all know that we took the tarp out during raining time, and we put it again when the rain stopped. The tarp is put away. If there are more tarps, the tarp will have a moldy taste. When it is removed, we need to know the reason for its musty smell. The mold will only grow when it is wet. In order to prevent it from growing when wet, we can support it and wipe it clean with warm soapy water and sponge. Put hot water and detergent on the sponge to gradually wipe the tent clean. The most obvious way to remove mold is to mix a cup of salt water, a cup of lemon juice, and a cup of gallons of water together, and rub the mixed solution until it reaches the mold point. In, after drying, there will be unexpected results.




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