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How to make a Waterproof tarpaulin reservoir

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Everyone is no stranger to waterproof tarpaulins. There are many places where you need to use waterproof tarpaulins. Today I bring you the method of making a reservoir with waterproof tarpaulins.

1.After the basic treatment meets the requirements, scrape the PA-A polymer beneficial cement slurry with a thickness of about 1-1.5mm on the leveling layer as the interface layer, and the water-cement ratio = 0.4:1 (weight ratio).

2. The scratching direction of the second waterproof layer of the waterproof tarpaulin reservoir and the first one should be perpendicular to each other, the thickness is about 2~3mm, and the water-cement ratio is 0.25~0.3:1 (weight ratio). Waterproof and direct tiling, saving money.

3. Before the initial setting of the bottom coating of the waterproof tarpaulin reservoir, a PA-C type beneficial cement can be scraped as a waterproof layer, the thickness is about 2 to 3 mm, and the water-cement ratio is 0.25 to 0.3:1 (weight ratio). The second waterproof layer can only be constructed after the first waterproof layer is finally set.

4. If the pool is on the ground, scrape and apply a layer of PA-C and PA-A beneficial mortar on the front and back sides of the water as a waterproof layer.

5. The construction of the waterproof layer should be at the bottom of the pool behind the wall, and the inside corners should be made into an arc shape. The waterproof tarpaulin requires that the bottom of the pool is scraped off the wall at one time without any joints or missed coating. If the joints are left, they should be left. At the height of about 300-500mm on the wall and higher than the joint of the original concrete construction joint, the waterproof layer of the pool bottom and the waterproof layer of the pool wall should be intersected.

6. The use of high-molecular cement as the waterproof adhesive facing tiles for pools can refer to the bathroom practices.

7. After the construction of the waterproof layer of the waterproof tarpaulin and the facing bricks is completed, it needs to be cured at room temperature for 5-7 days, and no water shall be stored during the curing period.

The above steps are the method of making water-proof tarpaulin reservoirs, and the use of waterproof tarpaulin is becoming wider and wider.




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