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How to maintain the waterproof tarpaulin daily?

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Waterproof tarpaulin is composed of polymer waterproof and breathable materials and fabric composite fabrics. It is currently a very practical type of tarpaulin and is widely used in many fields. How should waterproof tarpaulin be maintained daily?


The daily use of waterproof tarpaulin requires attention to maintenance, which can better ensure the waterproof effect of the tarpaulin. When maintaining the waterproof tarpaulin, the following five points need to be done:

1. Mildew on the waterproof tarp will damage the waterproofness of the tent. In case of mildew, use a sponge with a little cleaner to gently brush off the mildew and then dry it.


2. If you want to install, you need to carefully read the manual of the tarp first, and the installation direction and installation position must be clearly seen, and some details of the tarp installation should be done.


3. After using up the waterproof tarpaulin, be sure to put all the parts together, so as not to find it hard and form a good habit.


4. After placing the waterproof tarp for a period of time, take it out and expose it to the sun to prevent bacteria from appearing. After the outdoor trip, remember to hang the tent to air dry. If the automatic tarp is a bit dirty, gently scrub it with cold water That's it! Don't use chemical lotions or scrubbing hard. This will damage the waterproof membrane on the surface of the fabric and reduce the waterproof effect of the rainproof tarp.


5. When storing the rainproof tarpaulin, do not approach sharp objects, so as not to be scratched and affect the use.


The above is the realization of maintenance that needs attention during the daily use of waterproof tarpaulin. Reasonable use and maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the tarpaulin. As a large domestic tarpaulin manufacturer, Linyi Shengde Plastics can provide various types of high-quality PVC tarpaulins in large quantities Products, welcome customers in need to contact us!





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