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How to maintain and clean the tarpaulin for truck cover

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How should we maintain the tarpaulin for truck cover ? The editor relies on his own experience to tell everyone how to maintain and clean the tarpaulin for truck cover 


1. After cleaning, let it dry naturally in a ventilated and cool place. Don't put it in the sun or bake in a high temperature place to prevent degumming or degumming and accelerate aging.

2. When cleaning, the force should be gentle and even. Do not use force to brush, so as not to break the line, or brush off the pattern and decorative parts of the shoe body.

3. Avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent scratches.

4. For the white canvas, don't come into contact with items that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink. After cleaning the canvas of this color, apply toothpaste or white chalk powder. Pay attention to uniformity, and then let it dry to prevent discoloration. Or find two pieces of clean white paper and cover them, dry them and tear them off. It can also prevent discoloration.

5. The canvas should be cleaned regularly to prevent mold and smell. But do not use the washing machine. Some people think that the canvas is resistant to folding, and the price is low, and they are too lazy to wash by hand. As everyone knows, the decorative cloth of the shoe body is different, and it is easy to fall off and fade when washed with a washing machine.




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