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How to judge the pros and cons of plastic waterproof tarpaulin

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The quality of the plastic waterproof tarpaulin sold on the Linyi tarpaulin market is uneven. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully distinguish its pros and cons when purchasing. So, how to judge the pros and cons of plastic waterproof tarpaulin?

  1. Hand feeling: Excellent: It feels soft to the touch, although the thickness is average, but in fact the thickness has reached the required level, and it feels very soft in the hand and does not feel rough. Poor: It feels thick and hard to the touch, and has poor softness.

  2. Look at the degree of wear: excellent: good waterproof tarpaulin is very careful in the material ratio, and the degree of wear is small. After rubbing on the general ground or other hard objects, it can also have a waterproof effect. Poor: Inappropriate material ratio. For example, if calcium powder is added too much, the tensile force is not large, it is easy to break, and the wear performance is poor. After friction on the ground, it will be damaged and cannot be used normally.

  3. Look at the appearance: excellent: good waterproof tarpaulin has good color and luster. Poor: No gloss or very dull gloss.

  4. Look at the degree of peeling: excellent: good tarpaulin has a clear texture on the surface due to the good fusion of the glue and the cloth, and it is difficult to scrape off the surface glue. Inferior: Inferior tarpaulin has thick coating, smooth surface, less colloid and more stone powder, and it is easy to scrape off the surface to expose the fabric.

  5. Understand the production process: Excellent: It is produced by a vertical machine, which requires high raw materials and must have a certain degree of purity for the raw materials. PVC waterproof tarpaulins produced by vertical machines are often slightly more expensive. Inferior: the use of horizontal machine production, the raw material requirements are lower than the vertical machine production raw materials, the horizontal machine production can put any rubber material on it to suppress.




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