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How to distinguish whether PE tarpaulin is made of new material or recycled material

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As we all know, the raw material of PE tarpaulin is high-pressure polyethylene, and the high-pressure polyethylene reaches 10,000 yuan/ton. Therefore, many small manufacturers use recycled materials instead of new materials to produce many inferior and toxic tarpaulins such as the infamous "disposable tarpaulin." ","Poisonous Tarpaulin".

In order to maintain market standards, but also to protect the health and consumer rights of the majority of people. Linyi Shengde Plastic Tarpaulin, a tarpaulin manufacturer, summed up the method of "one look, two smells and three touches" for everyone.

1. Look, first look at the price. You get what you pay for. Although the trading market has huge flexibility, it is always true that the price of good products is high. There are too many variables in price, which are for reference only. Second, look at the color of PE tarpaulin. The color of the new material is pure and naturally free of impurities. Due to the inconsistency of the recycled materials, it contains many additives, the color is heavy and rigid, and the surface of the tarp contains many small black particles, and there are obvious color differences in different places of the same tarp.

2. Smell and smell the tarpaulin. The new PE tarpaulin is made of pure, non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly high-pressure polyethylene, which is tasteless. The recycled PE tarpaulin has complex raw materials, many additives, and pungent odor. Seriously affect the health of the user.

3. Mould first touch the texture of the tarpaulin, the new material PE tarpaulin has a smooth and natural feel, with a natural waxy texture. The recycled material tarpaulin has a clear plastic feel, and the feel of the same tarp varies greatly in different places. The second touch is the toughness of the tarpaulin. The new PE tarpaulin is abrasion-resistant and resistant to folds and does not change after repeated kneading, while the recycled material tarpaulin has a complex composition and poor toughness. Obvious creases can be seen after repeated kneading. The third touch is to test the waterproofness of the tarpaulin. The new PE tarpaulin is 100% waterproof, while the recycled material tarpaulin has poor affinity with cotton fabrics, linen fabrics, etc., and a few times of rubbing and spraying water can show obvious penetration. Poor waterproof effect.




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