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How to distinguish the quality of waterproof canvas when buying canvas

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People often use waterproof canvas in daily life, but tarpaulins are not like clothes and accessories because they need to be replaced frequently because of the trend. Buying a tarpaulin can last a long time. Therefore, how to buy a tarpaulin is very important. I will explain to you how to buy tarpaulin by identifying the quality of tarpaulin.

Understand the quality of rainproof canvas, in fact, the price is also a big reference factor, under normal circumstances, the same proportion of the area, the price is ridiculously low tarpaulin products, the quality is certainly not good. But there are still some drawbacks. Price is only one aspect, and practicality is another aspect.

A very important criterion for the quality of canvas is the density of latitude and longitude. The higher the density, the better the strength, that is, the better the quality. Another thing is to look at the appearance. The rougher the surface, the lower the quality, so if you take a piece of canvas, you must first check the roughness, and then you can test the softness by hand. The better the softness feels. The quality is also better. In addition, when buying, the tarp can be tested with water. A good canvas product should be rubbed by hand and then poured with water to see if it leaks. If there is a problem, the quality of the tarp is not good. where it goes.




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