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How to distinguish between waterproof tarpaulin and car tarpaulin

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The use of car tarpaulin has made more and more car owners aware of this kind of car protective equipment. Its maintenance function is very good. It can effectively prevent the paint film of the car's exterior from being damaged by rain and hot sun, which is beneficial to it. Long-lasting use. With the increase in usage, the time for car owners to touch the car tarpaulin has also increased, and some jokes have also come out. For example, some car owners think that car tarpaulins and waterproof tarpaulins are a kind of tarpaulin, so what is the actual situation? Now, let’s analyze it for a professional car tarpaulin wholesaler.

Waterproof tarpaulin is a kind of tarpaulin specially made of waterproof materials, which has good waterproof performance, and the tarpaulin itself is not immersed in water, and it will not be deformed by immersion in long-term use. The surface of waterproof tarpaulin is usually sprayed with oily substances, which can effectively prevent moisture from staying. When rain falls on it, it will continue to flow away. The material used in the car tarpaulin is a high molecular polymer material, which also has good water repellency, and it rarely deforms due to water immersion after long-term use. These two tarpaulins use similar materials and have similar appearances. It is no wonder that some car owners consider them to be a kind of tarpaulin.

It can be seen that car tarpaulins and waterproof tarpaulins are not the same kind of tarpaulin, but they are very similar. In this regard, workers in the car tarpaulin wholesale industry also remind car owners to be optimistic about the materials of the car tarpaulin when buying, so as not to buy The car tarpaulin was of poor quality.

Therefore, it is appropriate to apply wax on the surface of the car tarpaulin, but the workers of the car tarpaulin manufacturer should remind the majority of car owners to control the amount of wax when wiping the wax, otherwise the surface of the car tarpaulin will easily accumulate dust and flying floc. Impurities cause bacteria to multiply and cause damage to the material of the car tarpaulin.

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