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How to deal with the stitches at the seam of the waterproof canvas?

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After the waterproof canvas is completely covered, there are extra or overlapping parts that need to be cut or stitched, but stitches may appear in the stitches. What should I do? Here are some useful methods to share.

1. The sewing position can be heat-sealed with rubber water-stopping strips. Most of the rubber water-stopping strips are made of TRICOT to meet moisture-proof TPU.

2. There are pinholes at the seam of the waterproof canvas, which belongs to all normal conditions. Because it is a cool polyester fabric, it is used for breathability. Cool sense fabrics, all polyester needle-eye fabrics are blended with a certain proportion of ice-cold regeneration during the entire spinning process, so that the cotton yarn itself has a cool feeling.

3. You can brush off the waterproof canvas pinholes with a fine-bristle soft brush. The method is as follows: the fine bristle soft brush is brushed horizontally along the texture of the fabric, and the brush is evenly brushed, and then brushed vertically along the texture of the fabric. Of course removed.

The above is the "waterproof canvas stitching treatment method" brought by Shengde plastic tarpaulin. I hope it can help you. If you want to use a machine to sew it, it is unlikely that you can only be careful when sewing, or use a brush to solve it.




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