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How to choose a variety of waterproof tarpaulins now

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Nowadays, there are many kinds of waterproof tarpaulins with different functions. There are fireproof and waterproof tarpaulins, rainproof and waterproof tarpaulins, and automobile waterproof tarpaulins. So how can we choose a good waterproof tarpaulin? When choosing a waterproof tarp, the first thing you need to look at is the raw material of the waterproof tarp, to see if there are substances harmful to the human body, and to smell it if there is a choking smell. If you want to buy a large amount of waterproof tarpaulin, it is good that you can go to the manufacturer to take a look, go to the field to check, compare the quality, and take a look at the price. Sun-shading and waterproofing are the main functions of waterproof tarpaulin. When buying waterproof tarpaulin, you can test it on site. Check the waterproof function with water. You can also open the waterproof tarpaulin to test the effect of blocking the sun.

Glass fiber fireproof cloth When talking about fireproof cloth, the shadow of firefighters is always unavoidable. They have been advancing courageously in various fire accidents to ensure the personal safety of the people. However, in daily life, everyone should also take the initiative in fire safety to prevent economic losses and casualties, and fire protection cloth is of great practical significance in fire safety.




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